2021 Colorado & Wyoming Mountain Bike Race Calendar

People are always complaining there’s not a comprehensive list of XC/endurance mountain bike races in Colorado and Wyoming… with so many promoters, it definitely can be hard and a lot of lists out there miss out on several big races and series (or ignore the awesomeness that is Wyoming mountain bike racing).  So I’m determined to try to solve that!


If you know of an event I have missed, please comment below with details/website.  This list is specifically for mountain bike events, please see my gravel calendar if the event is more that style.  Thanks!

Awaiting dates for… Leadville Big Friggin Loop, Ring the Peak, Banana Belt,  rumors of a Lory State Park series

Laramie Mountain Bike Series is officially dead 😦
12 Hours of Penitence is not happening in 2021
No NBB short track in Spring 2021

(I pulled all these dates off of the official event websites. So any incorrect dates falls back on those websites, I merely just repeat the information. Please check official websites for any changes/cancellations – I will try to note when possible.  Also several races on this list are lottery-entry, or sell out pretty darn quickly!)
Last updated 8/11/2021

2021 Dates

January 2021

February 2021

March 2021

April 2021

May 2021

June 2021

July 2021

August 2021

September 2021

October 2021

94 thoughts on “2021 Colorado & Wyoming Mountain Bike Race Calendar”

    1. Thanks!

      Just curious, is there any reason why there’s not a women’s pro class? I have a friend who was thinking of coming with me and racing, but she holds a USAC pro license so it looks like there wouldn’t be a category she could do…


    1. Thank you! Last time I checked there was no 2016 dates available. Many of the smaller series don’t have their dates this early in the year. I go through every few weeks and check for updates!


  1. Heidi, thanks for all the work. I’ve used your list to update 1st City Team regarding MTB races. I’ve created a worksheet with event registration deadlines and have also created an ical calendar. Let me know if you would like to collaborate/share lists. Cheers.


  2. Thanks for the list Heidi! Could you please add the Escalante Days Dolores Mountain Bike Race? The 19th Annual race is on Saturday, August 12th. 4 distances on the Boggy Draw trail system: 50mile, 33mile, 18mile, 13mile. Website is http://www.doloresrace.com Thanks!


  3. Thanks for putting this together.. indispensable when planning out the race season. You might want to add the power-of-four race at Aspen


  4. Heidi, I’m starting to see some 2018 dates for races. Are you going to put out a 2018 list? I really appreciate your hard work. Thank you.


  5. Royal 50 / Gorgeous 25 MTB Races
    Saturday and Sunday, August 31-September 1
    Royal Gorge Park Trails, Cañon City, CO
    Start / Finish fest: Royal Gorge Ranch & Resort (trailside)
    50-mile and 25-mile courses. BRAND NEW singletrack, amazing views of the Royal Gorge!

    Thank you for adding! Proceeds from this event benefit local trail construction and maintenance.


  6. Hello – This list is fantastic. Thank you so much. One recent change to a race listed – the Grand Junction Off Road. Due to a conflict, the date is now May 29-31 for 2020. Thanks, and congrats a great season!


    1. Thank you! I had forgotten to update it from the old Laramie Enduro site. Too bad they didn’t keep the domain and just redirect it, because that race will be known as the Laramie Enduro to so many of us permanently!


  7. Please list the 12 Hours of Penitence Endurance MTB Race for Saturday, September 19, 2020 on the schedule. Penitente Canyon, San Luis Valley, CO. Great course, food vendors, micro-brew vendors, live band! Lot’s of fun. Thanks!


  8. Please add The 12 Hours of Penitence Endurance MTB Race to the schedule on Saturday, September 19, 2020. Penitente Canyon, San Luis Valley, CO. Great course, food vendors, micro-brews, live band! Lots of fun! Thanks!


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