The race calendars live on, and other updates!

Amy D Cross – October 2022 – Photo by Brent Murphy

Things have been a little quiet on the blog post front on this site for over a year now… really it is quite simple – I “retired” from competitive racing after the cyclocross season in 2022. After almost a decade of number plates and safety pins, I realized I needed a break and wanted to explore other adventures and sports. Though it has been almost a year now, I am still working out if it is simply a “break,” or a longer term decision. One day I might put a race number on again, but for right now I am enjoying being painfully slow climbing hills on my mountain bike, while trekking up them also slowly by foot and crampons. If you are interested in more than just bicycles, I write about a lot of my national park exploring, foray into mountaineering, and general peakbagging and shenanigans on my other blog, The Adventuring Heidi. I am also an Iceland-o-phile, so if you need any Iceland advice, head there! 🙂

What does this mean for the Colorado & Wyoming Race Calendars of Awesomeness? Absolutely nothing! I am still updating them, and have begun posting 2023 dates as they trickle in – the gravel side is a bit quicker to announce dates than mountain bike at this point. I have absolutely no plans on retiring from being the calendar queen at this point. As always, if you know of an event I have missed, or something new, please either comment on the calendar (or this post even) or shoot me an email with details!

Find the Colorado & Wyoming Mountain Bike Race Calendar HERE
Find the Colorado & Wyoming Gravel Race Calendar HERE

Just thought I’d drop a quick note and say hi!

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