Despite growing up at 9000 feet in the Snowies west of Laramie, WY, after childhood I really grew into a “girly girl city type” (as much as that can exist in Wyoming!).  Through age fourteen, which was the time my family moved into Laramie and out of the mountains, I spent nearly all my time outdoors.  I would cross country ski several miles daily in the snow months, had my own homemade ice skating rink, downhill skied avidly, ran in the warmer months, and was always on my cheapy mountain bike, all amidst being a very dedicated and obsessed gymnast.  Exercise and activity were just part of life, and life occurred outdoors. 

Needless to say, I lost this oomph through my later teen years and into adulthood.  Every once in awhile I would lose myself in some patch of nature with my camera, but usually I was a couch/computer/TV bum.  My eating habits spiraled out of control, and I packed on the pounds and associated health problems.

Now, at age 28, just finished with nursing school, and trying to get a fresh start on my life, I’m re-evaluating all of this.  I live in such a beautiful area, why am I not outdoors, being active, eating healtier?!  My boyfriend, Matt, moved down here to Laramie in late April, and has really inspired me to get healthier and more active.  We took several long hikes in Vedauwoo, and being out in the fresh air just made something come alive in me.

Matt and I decided to purchase mountain bikes as a way to get more active.  I was hesitant and nervous, as it’s 1) an expensive hobby 2) can injure me 3) requires good physical health and 4) requires the outdoors.  Well… screw all of that, I’m hooked!  I love it.  I never love anything that brings me pain!

So this will be a little blog/journal/brain vomit of our various biking shenanigans, trips, hikes, adventures, whatever. 

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