From mountie to roadie

Road bike! Or my “RWD sports car” as I call it!

Well, I took the plunge yesterday!  Picked me up a 2012 Specialized Ruby Apex Compact road bike, in black and pink naturally 🙂  I’ve been wanting to cross over into road biking for awhile now, and after seeing this bike and learning it was carbon, I wanted it even more!  Luckily the Peloton Cycles in Fort Collins were having a Tour de France sale, so I even saved a bit of money.

It’s definitely way different riding a road bike!  Steering is way more responsive.  And I have to remind myself I can’t run over huge rocks and go off curbs all crazy.  Definitely very different actually being able to go fast on payment!

Matt and I did a ride up Rogers Canyon Road.  About 21 miles round trip.  Felt like nothing, honestly!  I did get a little out of breath and tired, but not like how I feel after 8 miles of mountain biking.  Going down hills did make me nervous, as I’m not use to 30+ mph on pavement!  I guess it’s all about getting comfortable!  I’m definitely looking forward to riding on the road a lot, and I know it’ll help my mountain biking endurance.


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