31st of July…

Beautiful western summer skies seen while out on my road bike

Damn, tomorrow is August.  Which might not mean much to most, but it means winter will be here soon enough in southeastern Wyoming.  *sigh*  I am at quite a loss as to where this summer went, and I wouldn’t mind if it lasted much longer!  Just seems a bit unfair that once I actually develop a love for outdoorsy stuff that the time dwindles away so fast.

Left to do:
1)  Climb Medicine Bow Peak (for the 5th time in my life, but 1st over the age of 11!)
2) Climb Grays and Torreys Peaks in Colorado (two 14ers, which would be a first for me)
3) Ride the bikes… lots!

I suppose it is just a bit harder to do things now that I have a job where I only work on Fridays and Saturdays, cutting down on the time Matt and I have for weekend shenanigans.  It’s been a really hard/stressful adjustment for me – working in general, along with being a new nurse – and now that it’s August this weighs on me even more.   I guess it all comes down to making the most of every free day, especially the ones when Matt is home from work!

The Headquarters Trail at Happy Jack

Unfortunately, I have been doing a terrible job at planning good outings on the mountain bikes.  I thought a trail marked “difficult route finding” and “hard difficulty” with the name of “Double Black Diamond Trail” would be a great idea to ride.  Hmm… We started out on the Headquarters Trail, which was new to us, and pretty darn awesome!  Somehow managed to find the deer trail off to the side that was this “trail” called Double Black Diamond after 3 tries.  Normally, judgement would tell me to just stick to the awesome trail instead of taking off through the trees and sage brush on something not even quite a cow trail.  Needless to say, it turned into a 11 mile horrid ride consisting of mostly walking.  Apparently, elevation profiles on Strava make things look rideable, haha.  I just don’t know what to say, except… yeah, no more “tricky route finding” trails at Happy Jack.  Matt was not amused, and I was all sad that my grand plans turned out to be a bust.  The thing I said about making our days off together count?  Yeah, I need to work on it, for real!

Matt and I have quite been enjoying the road bikes.  I try to go for early morning rides before my evening shifts at work.  I’ve been kicking some butt on Strava, which I find to be highly addicting and a great way to measure my improvements.

Road bike on dirt?! Looks like a cyclocross bike is in my future…

I am not sure I will be participating in the charity bike ride later in August like I was planning.  It unfortunately conflicts with the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb 😦  Not sure what to do… I was actually looking forward to suffering through 50 miles on the road bike and getting a jersey!  Time will tell…

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