“Nice Socks!”

There, finally… I have received a completely random compliment in the middle of the woods while mountain biking!  …. about my socks.

OK, so they’re pretty cool dark neon pink Icebreaker cycling socks that I got for cheap at Sierra Trading Post that I’ve worn the last 4 times I’ve been cycling… without washing (yes, I’m a dirty, dirty cycling gal).  They match the pink on my MTB.  And they impressed gray haired male mountain bikers  *thumbs up*  I suppose I’ll have to post up a photo of my awesome socks one of these days…

Sha’niqa loaded up on the car… yes, my bike is named Sha’niqa. Deal with it.  And my white fork is really starting to annoy me…

Upon the news of two of my QOMs (“queen of the mountain”) getting stolen on Strava, I decided to do a fairly long ride today and try to redeem myself at Happy Jack.  I ended up doing a little over 12 miles according to the Garmin… the Garmin which I fail to “start” after resting a bit (coinciding with the sock love), so I lost my Crow Creek descent (yes, I rode that trail again, oddly enough) and probably a mile.  So in reality, I’d say over 13 miles or so (I love parenthesis).

When I got to Tie City it was crammed full of cars and bikes.  I let out an audible groan, and cursed all these people for wanting to ride my trails on my day to take back my segment records.  Oh, who have I become?!  Knowing that my careful route planning was in jeopardy, I parked at the Summit Trailhead and decided to wing the whole day since it was ruined.

It rained last night, so some of the shadier trails were damp and slick.  Made for some scary moments in which I was very happy that I can unclip without thinking and stick out a leg.  I almost lost it twice on the Middle Aspen trail descent, and was saved only by the grace of my quick legs.

I finally gave up on Strava-ing and just suffered through the miles.  It seemed like an off day, for whatever reason.  But I didn’t want to stop riding!  So after all my loopy loops and segments and Pole Creek climb, I rode Summit to the loop start point and back, and then got on Headquarters.  Damn, I love Headquarters!  I need to make it a point to ride more of it more often.  Saw where Crow Creek was, and entertained the idea of revisiting my favorite mud blog (see my last entry/race report…).  After resting at Haunted Forest/Summit/Headquarters cutoff trail thingy and getting my sock compliment, I decided to take the adventure (and fail to restart my Garmin) and head down Crow Creek.  The trail seemed completely different this time, probably because I wasn’t yelling out obscenities along with two others during a race.  Got lost in the mud blog once again, and managed to fill my shoes up to my ankles in runny mud.

Oh Crow Creek Trail, where art thou?

Overall, it was a good ride today!  I’m impressed with the miles I put in, but incredible pissed at myself for turning off auto pause in my Garmin’s settings, leaving the door open for human error.  Yep, I sure did turn it back on 😉  I might do another long ride on Sunday.  Matt has to work, but I have the day off.  Maybe I’ll ride more of Headquarters!

I found a new blog that I have been loving: Passed by a Chick.   Christy just reminds me a lot of myself… I use to drag race cars, so I kinda get the whole motorsports-to-cycling thing all too well.  And I just like her writing style… and hello, I’m a honey badger, too!

I have a love-hate relationship with most of the blogs I read (or I see the person in real life and that just kinda changes my opinion of them), so I’m always looking for new, interesting ones, especially if they’re noob cyclists like me!

Anyways… all for now.  Life is going to get hectic for the next few weeks, but we should be squeezing in a Medicine Bow Peak hike on Monday, and I’ll ride and update when I can!

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