The proper 2012 wrap up, numbers edition!

Whew, I woke up today finally feeling better and apparently over that 48-hour stomach bug I had.  Great timing, as it meant I could finally ride my new Shiv, even if it was just on the trainer.  Unfortunately the streets are still snowpacked here, and not to mention it is COLD (sorry, just ain’t gonna ride in 20 degree weather… in the snow… on 1″ wide tires.  Nope).  Kind of sucks to buy a new (road) bike during winter, honestly…

The aero bars on the Shiv make a great Nook holder! Unfortunately I couldn’t get Netflix to work so I settled on reading a book I’ve been working on since June

The Shiv is magnificently comfortable!  My 30 minute ride soon turned into 40 minutes, and then an hour.  I could just pedal that thing all day long!  Only issue is I sit too far back off the saddle, so my, um, girly bits take a lot of the pressure and they don’t like that.  Nothing some adjusting can’t fix… or I could just steal the nice, padded saddle from Matt’s Transition.  I mean, what gives… he gets something all padded and smooshy and I get a cement firm minimalist saddle?  But either way, soooo comfy.  I’m not sure why people say the aero position is uncomfortable.  I love it!  Granted, I’m sure I’ll nearly fall on my face the first time I actually have to ride ride the bike in that position, but that’s a mute point at the moment due to snow and cold and 1″ wide tires.

So after my trainer ride, which wasn’t an ounce of torture at all (seriously, that is how awesome the Shiv is, the trainer didn’t even feel like torture!), I realized my 2012 wrap up entry from two days ago was kinda sucky.  I know, I had a fever and yuckiness going on.  So I can excuse myself.  But I figure I should wrap up my final bicycle numbers from 2012, since I am a total numbers geek like that.

  • Miles Pedaled in 2012: 1,102.2 –That’s like going from New York City to Kissimmee, FL according to Google!
  • Feet of Elevation Gained in 2012: 48,960 –That is Mount Everest and Mount Kilimanjaro combined, and then some extra!
  • Time Spent Pedaling: 100 hours 55 minutes –Yeah… that’s just a lot. 
  • Biggest Ride: 72.7 miles –Ride For Sight 2012 in Cheyenne… I actually think it was over 73, but that was back when I was using Strava on my iPhone, so mileage got a bit wonky.
  • Biggest Climb: 839 feet – Occurred on the Mickelson Trail in South Dakota between Hill City and Mystic.  Yeah, that was sucky, at that time in my life. 
  • Total Rides: 85
  • Highest Strava Suffer Score: 301 –This was from my 63-mile Fort Follies ride in November.  I am sure if I had a HRM and Strava Premium for Ride for Sight or even my Mickelson Trail ride, I would’ve hit a higher Suffer Score.  But alas, I wasn’t as nerdy at that point.
  • Miles on my ’12 Giant Rainier 29r 0: 336.8
  • Miles on my ’12 Specialized Ruby Apex Compact: 727.3
  • Miles on my ’12 Specialized Shiv Elite A1 Apex: 21.4
  • Miles on my ’13 Specialized Epic Expert Carbon 29: 16.7 – Oh snap, I never mentioned that I put this bike on layaway after demoing it in October 😉

And there’s all my number geekiness!  Yay for numbers!  Looking forward to what 2013 has in store for me!

Matt’s Christmas present to me… an S-Works stem for my road bike! NO MORE WHITE, UGLY STEM, YAYYYYY!

OK, that about wraps things up, in a more proper way 🙂  My New Year’s Eve will probably be a bit low key.  Matt and I might hit up the gym, and then I am not sure what!

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