Spring! Spring! Spring!

Mountain biking in Curt Gowdy State Park yesterday snow free with bare legs!

I saw my first blooming wildflower yesterday – it must be spring!

Ahhh… green grass, chirping birds, little baby prairie dogs – so exciting!  This winter was hard on me for some reason, so I am much enjoying the warm temperatures and greening-up of the world.  I’m even compelled to do yard work… not sure what’s up with that, but I’ll take it (and it’s a decent work out as well!)

I haven’t posted in awhile, so here’s to a hodge-podge of thoughts

1. Oh snap, race season
One week from now I will be done with my first mountain bike race of the year, Rumble at 18 Road.  Kinda nervous, not sure how it’ll go.  Then a week after that I’ll race in the Ridgeline Rampage.  A week after that the Deer Trail Road Race.  A week after that hopefully a time trial in Colorado Springs.  Few weeks off, and I’ll round out end of May/beginning of June with the IHBC MTB race, IHBC TT, PV Cycle Derby, Beti Bike Bash, either a MTB or TT mid-week, and end the first week of June with a 5k running race.  Eeek.  And speaking of racing, I got into the Laramie Enduro through the lottery.  What the heck…. I’m sure it’ll be a bad idea, and not sure why I actually paid the entry fee, but at least I’ll get the tee shirt, right?

2.  Moab!
The race in Fruita next weekend mostly means super awesome trip to Moab afterwards!  I scored a campsite in Arches National Park (actually, the only one available for weeks and weeks… booyyyahhhh) for Saturday night.  Sooooooooooo excited!  All the hotels were $100-200 a night, so $20 for camping doesn’t seem so bad at all!  Definitely excited to ride the Klondike Bluffs trails, and especially EKG.  Nerdy nurse here, of course I want to ride a trail that looks like a scary A-fib rhythm!

3. Fitwall
Wouldn’t you know, I am still doing Fitwall!  After dealing with the debilitating soreness after my first try at it (my blog post wasn’t fully accurate… though I woke up fine, the uber soreness hit later that afternoon on a MTB ride and left me barely able to move the next two days.), I’ve learned it’s not so bad and don’t feel that sore anymore.  I’ve been going once a week due to work, but am noticing some improvements in my upper body strength, especially when mountain biking.  Who knew I’d do something like Fitwall, right?

4. Kim comes to visit oh so soon!
OK, first week of June… but that’s soon!  Soon enough to be on the new work schedule that’s coming out!  We’re all over the place on what we want to do.  Kim found a 5k running race in Westminster to do, so I might just try to do this foreign thing called “running” and waddle beside her.  Otherwise I gotta take her to see bison, and Vedauwoo, and Medicine Bow Peak.  And even the MAC store in Boulder, though I hardly wear makeup anymore.

5. Getting better on the bike
People love to hate on Strava, but I love it as I can compare my results and see how I’m improving.  Yesterday I did a rather long ride at Curt Gowdy, and knocked 30 minutes off of my Middle Kingdom time without even really “strava-ing” it.  And I’m starting to see heart rate improvements as well.  Pretty neat stuff, makes me rather giddy.  I even did this rather steep drop off off of granite yesterday.  I was pretty sure I was going to fall and knock myself out in BFE and the baby prairie dogs would eat my body, but I made it down.  I may or may not have done a dorky happy dance, which is alright because I was the only person around 😛

I really don’t know what else to write… the sun is shining, sky is blue so I’m being called to go outside.  I really want to rake leaves for some reason!

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