The cyclist goes running…


Man, check out those sweet tan lines!

Ok ok, down to business… my BFF Kim is coming to visit in just a few weeks, and being the run-nut that she is, she found *us* a trail run 5k to do in Westminster.  Matt jumped on the idea, and ran out to buy running shoes.  I’m a girl, what can I say, so all the pretty, bright running shoes caught my eye so I figured “what the heck” and picked some up for myself since I will be “running” (I use that term so lightly) the 5k as well.

My fancy new Brooks Pure Cadence 2 running shoes. They were purple, I couldn’t resist!

So I suited up my new fancy minimalist running shoes (the high tech speak regarding running shoes is like a foreign language to me!), and my $6 running shorts from Walmart, and Matt and I headed out to run a mile loop around our neighborhood.  1/4 mile in and I was dying.  IT HURT.  My calfs protested, my lungs protested, and my stomach started cramping.  My whole body was doing one big WTF.  I kept up my “running” pace (it was equal to Matt’s walking pace…) for about 3/4 of a mile, then walked a bit.  Made the final effort to run down the alley back to the house.  Yeahhhh, ouch.

I can get on a bike and ride 70 miles, yet I can’t run a mile.  Funny how that works!

It’s seriously been about 15 years since I’ve truly ran.  Not the type of running I do down the hallways of the hospital to an urgent situation.  I mean running.  Which is sort of sad, as I was a pretty darn good hurdler and sprinter in my younger days, but it all sort of fell off when I got lazy.  I still have my concerns about picking up running, as I have such finicky knees.  Luckily I have a huge fear of water and can’t really swim, so I can’t morph into a triathlete…

Will be I be running a whole 5k in two weeks?  Hell no.  But at least I have the shoes to give it a good waddling try.  And hell, I suppose it’s another way to burn some calories, especially in my time crunched evenings after work!

2 thoughts on “The cyclist goes running…”

    1. I don’t think I need tape. I’m just worried about the pounding. My knees are use to a completely non-impact form of exercise. I think I’ll be fine, though… not like I’m running 10 miles or anything crazy! Matt and I are going for another mile tonight, haha. I might try little bits here and there while at work this week as well.


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