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Gear Review: Columbia Saturday Trail Stretch Convertible Pants

Whoa… I’m interrupting you from the regularly schedule program of cycling, cycling, and more cycling that this blog has morphed into to bring you a review on something that doesn’t involve cycling!  That is how excited I am about this product!

Columbia Saturday Trail Convertible Pants in Gravel (Photo from

So the story goes that I had a coupon from REI and I wanted some pants that I could wear hiking, out and about, or for “outdoorsy” things (something that this blog started out as something to documented and veered off course when I became a cycling nut).  Mostly I have jeans, some cheapy cotton shorts from Walmart, yoga pants and tights, and cycling gear… but nothing water repellant and super comfy or with pockets (boo to the yoga tights).  So while browsing REI the Columbia Saturday Trail Stretch Convt Pants caught my eye, and caught it well enough it I brought a pair home (and a new bike helmet which I used the coupon on, doh!)!

To get started… The details from Columbia:

These durable, sun-and-stain-repelling pants will keep you comfortable and protected during active outdoor adventures of all kinds and zip-off legs provide valuable versatility in changing conditions.


  • Omni-Shade UPF 50 sun protection
  • Omni-Shield advanced repellency
  • 2-way comfort stretch
  • Gusset detail
  • Zip-closed security pocket
  • Pockets with hook and loop closure
  • Zip-off legs convert pant to 10” inseam short
  • Mesh pocket bags
  • Vented
  • Active, straight leg, mid rise
  • Inseam: 30” SHORT, 32” REGULAR, 34” LONG
  • Imported

  • 96% nylon/4% elastane Summiteer lite

Retail Price: $60

My Thoughts:

  • Comfort: SO COMFORTABLE!!!!  Both in the shorts and pants form they’re just damn comfy.  Last time I wore them I wore them all day lounging around the house because they’re just about as comfy as my normal yoga pants that I wear for lounging!  The fabric is stretchy and has a lot of give when sitting cross legged, crouching, etc.  The only complaint really would be that the part where the legs zip on around my thigh can be a little tight since it can’t stretch.  Then again, I think that’s just going to be a factor with convertible pants like these.  The inside of the waistband is lined with a fleece type material to keep down on chaffing which is a nice feature as well.
  • Fit: I bought a pair in 10 Regular.  I usually wear 9 Long for my jeans, for reference (and 5’9″ and 150-155 pounds).  I hate my pants being short, but found the 10 Regular were a good length where they aren’t dragging on the ground, but aren’t showing my socks.  Since the fabric is thin, I didn’t want them to be too tight as I find that rather unflattering – the 8 Regular were just too thigh on my thighs.  The waist is just right that I don’t need a belt.
  • Omni-Shield:  I dropped a water bottle and cracked it down the side, but didn’t notice it until I went to take a drink of water and ended up covered in water.  All the water rolled right off the pants!  I’m sold!  If only my tee shirt that day had those properties…
  • Shorts Conversion:  A pair of shorts and pants in one!  I loved this, and was actually a big reason why I purchased this product.  I love stuff that can do double duty!  I find that the legs zip on and off easily while being worn or not being worn.  I can see how the legs wouldn’t fit over hiking boots, though.  That’s something I have yet to try out.
  • Pockets:  Oh the glorious pockets!  Two on the back with velcro, two on the front with velcro, and one on the side with a zipper.  Absolute magic to me since I’m use to hiking and stuff in yoga pants and tights which have no pockets.
  • Possible Cycling Use:  I mountain bike in spandex, I’m not shy or scared of that.  But on a trip to and from the trails I did wear these in shorts style over my bibs and got to thinking they could be a form of baggies for anyone who doesn’t like the spandexed look out on the trails.  They’re not too baggy, not too tight, and have pockets!
  • Colors: They are offered in 4 colors: black, gravel, grill, and fossil.  I got mine in gravel, which is a gray color.  I was really limited since I bought mine at an REI and they don’t offer the color and size range that Columbia does directly, but I like gravel and find it’s a good neutral that goes with a lot of my tops.
  • Pricing: For $60, I think these are reasonably priced.  With people paying $100 for jeans nowadays (or $100+ for pieces of spandex for cycling), $60 seems like a bargain and there is a nice balance of features and usability.

Needless to say, I love these pants… so much so that I just ordered the capri style ones (Columbia Saturday Trail II Knee Pants)!

Disclaimer: I purchased this item at retail price for my own personal use.  All comments and opinions are my own and I was in no way compensated for the review.

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