The summer’s gone…

There’s a crispness to the air, leaves are starting to change at the higher elevations, and days are shorter.  Summer’s gone!

I’m actually pretty excited for this fall, mostly because I’ve been waiting all year for cyclocross season.  Plus I just like fall… the cooler temperatures, frosty mornings… NOT that I’m a fan of snow and super cold, but I do like not having to suffer through 90 degree days.  This fall is also bringing about a rather big life change – after two years of being on the hospital floor as an RN I have accepted a Monday-Friday “9 to 5” (it’s actually 8 to 4:30!) job at the hospital on the more administrative side of things.  I’ve grown really use to working 3 days a week, and for the past year, working night shift.  So needless to say a job with “normal people” hours is quite exciting and daunting all at the same time!  The biggest thing I can’t get over is the fact I can do any and every bike race my heart desires now with no requesting/fighting/bargaining for time off… eek!  I think it’ll also help make my training a bit more routine as now a Tuesday on my training plan can literally be a Tuesday!

Skinny tires and singletrack… perfect way to spend an afternoon!

In other news… I took the ‘cross bike up to Happy Jack the other day to see what mountain biking is like on skinny tires and with no suspension and canti brakes…. holy crap, so much fun!  Definitely made my trails seem totally new, and it was a bit more challenging on the cross bike with picking lines.  Even rode a few rock gardens, albeit super slow and carefully.  Did just shy of 11 miles, and had a blast!  I do have concerns that the 40t chainring I chose for my 1×10 set up is a bit too big, though I think it will be fine for most cross races.  Might have to order a 38t depending on how the first few cross races go.

Speaking of cross… the season starts this Sunday!!  Saturday will be a Cross of the North Kick Off Party in Fort Collins, so I’ll be doing a big group cross ride, and then teaching a clinic later that afternoon, and then Sunday is Kick It Cross down in Castle Rock on one of my favorite courses at Rhyolite Park.  I am a bit nervous about being a Cat 3 now, but hopefully I still have a lot of fun, even if I’m bringing up the rear!



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