TrainerRoad Love

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 3.28.57 PM

Never in a million years did I expect to see my photo gracing the homepage of any cycling-type website!  Thanks a billion to TrainerRoad!!

I’ve been using TrainerRoad for about a year now, since my coach – Tony Diede with CritFit – suggested it.  I instantly fell in love, and the biggest draw was their Virtual Power feature which allowed me to train with power without buying an unaffordable power meter.  I could usually create custom workouts of my CritFit intervals and follow along on my laptop, which used ANT+ to collect my heart rate, cadence, and speed data from my Garmin sensors.

Indoor training season is back in full force for some, including myself (though cyclocross and my new fat bike will take me outdoors).  I have some new exciting stuff on tap for my training for 2015 utilizing CritFit, and of course TrainerRoad!  Luckily a power meter has become affordable to me, which I look forward to when I ride outdoors on my road bike.  However, TrainerRoad will be as useful as always to me, as I’ll pair my power meter to the system through ANT+.  I am still in cyclocross race mode through middle of December, and then the serious training begins, and I’ll update as I have more details on all that fun 🙂

Once again, many thanks to TrainerRoad!  They helped give me the structure for a great 2014 mountain bike race season, and I am looking forward to many more great seasons and training with the program!  It’s downright kick ass to be a Brand Ambassador for such an innovative company that is making training easier and cheaper for cyclists!

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