Things I’m Happy About:

My last blog post was a drag… here’s what I’m super excited and happy about!

1: New Kit Day!!!
When I came home from visiting my parents for Christmas a big box from Panache was waiting for me – my kits for Naked Women’s Racing!  Sure, I might’ve gone a bit crazy, but I was so excited to be able to get lots of nifty gear prior teams didn’t offer, like a thermal long sleeve jersey!  I even got a vest, even though I’ve never used a vest for cycling before!  And hello, so nice to know I have 4 pairs of bibs so I’m not having to wear dirty ones on multi day stuff or when traveling!



2: I finally did something with all those race photos I’ve accumulated.
Over the past couple of years I’ve really accumulated a digital stack of race photos, and mostly just posted them up on Facebook and in this blog.  I decided I wanted something more tangible to look at, plus my mom is always telling me “I never get any photos!”  Enter Blurb!  I made two books, one for 2012 & 2013 and one for 2014, with ease with their Book Smart program.  I ended up getting them a week earlier than what was quoted.  It’s pretty neat to sit down and flip through a book of all my various racing memories!  A set will be going to my mom, of course!




3: Marie got me these awesome socks!

1455851_10154943402125442_1465230110807794706_nWhen I did the Four Seasons of Horsetooth Challenge a few weekends ago my friend and super awesome amazing stood-on-a-World-Championships-podium mountain biker Marie presented me with these socks to match our puking unicorn Halter’s Cycles jersey – unicorn pooping rainbows knee high!  Definitely a case of our socks > your socks.  Don’t mess with the Unicorn Mafia.  We’re hardcore!





4: Bro shorts and carbon shoes

10624636_10154914093845442_5054059548892681783_nI got a lot of awesome goodies from our Naked Women’s Racing team order night.  I finally “completed” my road bike with SRAM Force 22 WiFli rear derailleur and 11-32t cassette (bring it on, Rist Canyon!), Quarq Riken power meter, and a S-Works Specialized carbon seat post.  I also picked up the new Garmin speed and cadence sensors that work via accelerometers and no magnets!  I also loaded up on Specialized green footbeds and some new road gloves.  Then there’s my super awesome Sidi Spider mountain bike shoes… whoa carbon soles and insane adjustability, which means my skinny left foot is as secure as my fatty right foot!  And to top it off, there’s my neon green Specialized Andorra mountain bike shorts!  My “bro” shorts for when I want to shred the gnar in baggies 😉  I ordered a large, and whoa, they were HUGE in the waist, but great on my thighs (my current “baggies” are actually pretty tight in my thighs).  Luckily my mom is a whiz with a sewing machine and took in the waist and they fit perfectly now.

5: Training wheels


Over the holidays I had my mom dig out the scrapbooks she had of photos of me (I was after a photo of my Backstreet Boys decorated room when I was 15… ahem).  I found this gem.  I was 4 or 5, on my purple bike that would be the first bike I would ride without training wheels.  I also remember riding it off the deck and down the porch stairs (by accident).  Just training for what was coming 25 years in the future 😀



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