The Email.


I got back from a meeting at work and was clearing out my “promotions” folder on my gmail… since I had about 10 junky emails I just quickly deleted them all and then went, “wait a minute, did I see Leadville?” as I knew lottery results were today and was oh so hoping I wouldn’t get in. So to my trash folder I went, where I was greeted with this…

I almost puked.

I immediately messaged my coach, who responded with a bunch of symbols that I can only assumed symbolized a swear word.

I said plenty of swear words.

It’s going to be an interesting summer!  There’s people who try year after year to get into the Leadville Trail 100 and never do.  I randomly enter the lottery on badly thought out decision, and get in.  Just like that!  I’m coming to terms with it, and accepting the reality.  It has been a bucket list item of mine, and I almost entered in 2013 – which I’m so happy I didn’t as I wasn’t in a good of position as I am now back then, both physically and mentally.  So it’ll be a tick off the bucket list to say the least!  I’m beginning to look forward to the challenge… there’s no turning back, so might as well embrace it!  🙂


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