February Wrap Up

The second month of 2015 has come and gone!

1) Training continued on

2) The weather was way wonky, going from summer to frozen over winter in a matter of a week

3) I had a great pre-season taste of mountain bike racing

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 8.52.04 PM

Still on my kick with making charts, so here’s my February stats and comparison to years earlier.  Once again, a big month, though the return of winter did kill my miles and time slightly the past two weeks, along with having a solid week of recovery after returning from Arizona.  Still, over 30 hours of training/racing/riding is nothing to sneeze at!  Not to mentioned I had my highest time duration week ever February 9th – 15th 🙂

I had some bad days on the bike, and plenty of days where I dreaded doing my intervals only to kick their ass in an awesome fashion.  Today I struggled with high heart rates and dead legs, so I promised myself I’d bundle up and get outside on the cross bike for a road ride to get a change of scenery and breathe in some fresh air.  I did move my bike/trainer set up out of the “bike room” in the basement to the living room so I can watch TV.  My new favorite thing is catching “Jeopardy” at 6:30pm and breathlessly muttering out answers in the middle of intervals.

24 Hour Town – Photo by Sportigraf


The highlight of February was of course getting in a teaser of mountain bike race season at 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo.  The race exceeded my expectations and goals in so many ways and set me on a positive path for the rest of the season.  And it introduced me to 24 hour endurance racing, and makes me want to try more of them!

A week from now road racing season starts, so effectively my off season has only 7 days ;eft.  Whew… always seems like it goes by way too fast.  Most years I’m chomping at the bit to start racing, but I’m a bit more reserved this year.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited but I know I have a longggggggg season ahead of me.  Luckily it’s broken into two peaks – XC “A” race at Nordic Valley ProXCT in May and endurance “A” at Leadville 100 in August.  I’m already critically looking at my race calendar and am thinking of cutting a race or two, or substituting races that are closer to home and offer something more helpful (like perhaps 9000′ of climbing in 40 miles…).  Road season is nothing I take too seriously since I’m still not a roadie racer in any shape or form, but they’re nice for getting in some tough road miles and changing up the scenery (and a chance to see some of my cyclocross buddies and teammates).  Frostbite TT is next weekend, which I missed last year due to a weather reschedule.  I sold my TT bike last spring, but I’m still going to rock the alien helmet on the road bike (and plan on riding a good 20-30+ miles after the race, as 11 miles is not long enough for me anymore!).  Then it’s the Lookout Mtn TT, where I just want to set a PR over last year’s time the following weekend.  And – BIG NEWS – the weather is suppose to get nice, so next weekend I hope to get in a long ride on Sunday outside.  Whew.  I love me some good weather 🙂

February… you were kind to me in so many ways… from the 70 degree outdoor rides to my first win of the season in my first 24 hour race to pushing me to break through mental barriers and do silly things like “enjoy” a CritFit Two/Twenty workout.

Enjoying the sun and fun of racing my mountain bike… time for the final push before mountain bike race season begins for real in April – Photo by Sportigraf


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