Race Report

Race Report: Oredigger Classic Hill Climb

Photo by John Westergard

Second year of giving the Oredigger Classic Hill Climb up Lookout Mountain in Golden a try.  I really just wanted to beat my time from last year, and otherwise didn’t really care.

I met up with a teammate and rode about 9 miles to the start.  Pretty hard warmup for me, and I was at 170-180 heart rate the whole way there which worried me as I’m not use to running myself ragged on a warm up.  They had a great guy as a holder who I utilized so I wouldn’t have to fiddle to clip in (I’ve suddenly lost the ability to clip into my Look Keo pedals quickly and easily, not sure what’s up with me).  I sprinted off the start and settled down.  I love Lookout as it’s a pretty “gradual” climb that is 1200 feet over 4.5 miles.  “Gradual,” ha!  Meaning that it just never gets crazy steep.  Fairly quickly I passed 3 other girls in my category, which is not something I’m use to happening in a time trial.  I was caught by Rachel Joyce, a professional triathlete, about a mile in, and otherwise wasn’t passed, which was strange.  The wind was OK, just a headwind on some westerly sections.  I found myself thinking that I wasn’t going out as hard as I should, but my power numbers were telling a different story.

I ended up with a 28:07 time, which was 4 minutes faster than last year!  And this was good enough for 9th place in SW4 out of 20… my first top ten road finish with a field that big!  Whoop whoop!  Kinda crazy to do that well, I wasn’t expecting it.  I spend so much time telling everyone I’m a slow roadie that can’t climb… but maybe I’m ok at climbing kinda?  I also set a new 20 minute power record at 230, which bumped my FTP to 218.  Sigh, the days of “easy” rides on the trainer are done for!

Photo by Ryan Muncy
My teammates!  (Photo by Sharon Madison)
My teammates! (Photo by Sharon Madison)

So I declare this race a success!  Always nice to be able to see myself improve over the previous year!



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