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What’s in My Gear Bag: Rudy Project Transition 46 Review

Rudy Project Transition 46 Bag
Rudy Project Transition 46 Bag

I’ve been meaning to do a post like this for awhile, but put it off and off and off… until my new bag came today!  For the past few years I’ve been using a duffle bag that I received as the entry gift for the Cheyenne Sprint Tri in 2013.  It worked awesome, but I soon outgrew it as I realized it’s better to always be prepared and carry stuff like knee/arm warmers, buffs, etc.  I took to attached bags to it for additional stuff.  I decided finally to bite the bullet and get a Rudy Project Transition 46 bag.

This bag was designed for triathlons and multisport events and has 46 liters of storage room.  Not my desired sport of choice… but all the pockets, zippered compartments, shoe, and helmet storage sold me, along with the ability to wear it as a backpack, which will add ease to carrying my bike gear bag into hotels/my house when I have other bags to carry as well.

Fresh out of the box!
Fresh out of the box!
The bag comes with a padded helmet attacher to use on the outside (good for aero helmets, which I think was their intent), and several stuff sacks and a waterproof bag.  Definitely designed for triathlon!
The bag comes with a padded helmet attacher to use on the outside (good for aero helmets, which I think was their intent), and several stuff sacks and a waterproof bag. Definitely designed for triathlon!

So we’ll start with one of the front zippered pockets…

Front zippered pocket with 3 storage compartments
Front zippered pocket with 3 storage compartments

I used the long pocket for my Chamois Butt’r, and then just some chapstick and hand sanitizer in the other pockets.  Not really filled out, which means I have extra room to stash stuff I decide I need later!

Top storage pocket

Then there’s a pocket right on top.  I used this to slide in my baby wipes and healthcare bath wipes, which are amazing for cleaning up after races and rides.

Helmet compartment
Helmet compartment
Helmet attached outside bag with special attachment thingy 🙂

Next up is the helmet compartment.  It’s padded and fits my Rudy Project helmet just fine.  There’s a zippered padded and lined sunglasses compartment on the outside of the helmet “door.”  I’m not sure I’d just throw glasses in there, as I like to use my protective cases, so I think it’ll end up being used for my Garmin.  I like the idea of being able to attach my helmet to the outside of the bag, which means I can use the compartment for other storage.  Plus I like my sweaty helmets to dry out, so I’m not sold at sticking it back in a bag where it can’t “breathe.”

The side zippered pocket (opposite the first one) has a checklist of necessary items for a triathlon, some elastic holders for CO2 tubes, clear ID pocket, and a long zippered compartment.

In the second zippered pocket I put my USAC cycling license and some CO2 cartridges.

Looking inside the long compartment

In the long zippered compartment I put a spare road and cyclocross tube, and some basic things like extra cleat bolts and the tool to tighten/loosen my cyclocross toe spikes.  *Once I find them* I’ll add my spare MTB rear derailleur hangers.

Next up is the shoe compartment on the opposite end of the helmet compartment.  This compartment is designed to carry two pairs of shoes (naturally cycling and running, sticking with the tri theme).

Shoe compartment!

I don’t foresee me putting MTB shoes in the bag as my MTB shoes are always so nasty!  Muddy, dusty, dirty, smelly, and sweaty!  Plus they (all 4+ pairs) tend to just live in my car 😀  But I do feel like my road shoes are worthy, and have decided to use the space for some extra things.

On one side I have one shoe, a MTB tube, and my Endura Pak-A-Jak windbreaker
On the other side is the other shoe, Smith sunglasses case with my clear lensed glasses,  and a baggie with lubes and single shots of Stans stashed in one of the stuff sacks.

I could easily put both shoes on one side and use the other side for all the other spare stuff… which is probably what I’ll end up doing for ease of use.

Now onto the bottom… yes the bottom even has storage!  It is a waterproof compartment meant to store 1 or 2 wetsuits and other swim stuff.  I decided to make the bottom my “First Aid and OH CRAP!” storage!

Bottom waterproof storage
Bottom waterproof storage

Since it’s the bottom of the bag, it’s a huge storage space, and the “door” is padded to protect everything.  I have my first aid kit, which is stuff full of speciality bandages, and ice pack, ointment, cleansers, etc.  In the same pocket I have some vet wrap and KT tape.  The pocket next to it I have some bug spray, generic Tums, a small thing of Vaseline jelly, glasses cleaner, and hand sanitizer.  In one of the top pockets i have single servings of Chamois Butt’r, packets of sunscreen, bug stuff, etc.  The other pocket is empty.. couldn’t think of what to put in it!  I might put in some wound wash, as that’s the one thing I’m missing!  Also a hair pick, not that we have cholla here, but always good to have, plus I can fix my hair after a ride.  Everything I need to do some nursing in the backwoods 😀

Last up is the main storage area.

Main storage area opens up wide for easy access, and has two zippered pockets.

The helmet and shoe compartments do go into the main compartment and take up considerable space, but I still fit in the stuff that I couldn’t fit in my old bag, so it’s a win situation for me!

Zippered pockets

I used the zippered pockets for easy access food storage.  I fit a decent amount of Honey Stinger waffles, chews, gels, and Larabars in these compartments.  I mostly use the food in my gear bag for just before races, as when I go on long road rides or MTB rides I tend to take food from my pantry and stuff jersey pockets.

What I stuffed into the main storage area.

In the main area I have two Smith sunglasses cases, a stuff sack filled with warmers and thermal stuff, a stuff sack full of gloves of all varieties, and the mesh bag that came with the Transition bag that I threw my Endurolytes and ibuprofen in, along with a used grocery sack, as you never know when a plastic sack will come in handy!  I probably will put those items somewhere else once I decide what’s a good spot.

Whew, that’s my gear bag!  Though it looks stuff full (see first photo), it all zips nicely, and I still have several pockets empty for random things I might decide I need.  I also still have plenty of room for vests, jackets, thermal tights, etc that I might want to carry along.  Without putting the the helmet in the bag I also will have a large storage area.  When I travel I tend to pack my kits in with my normal clothes, so I was not concerned with room for that in this bag.  I still have a few things I need to put in the bag, such as my derailleur hangers and some tools.  For normal use I plan on using the shoulder strap, but like I wrote earlier, I do plan on using the backpack straps more when traveling for ease of carrying several bags.  I’m glad that feature exists!

So even though it is designed for triathlon, I found it really works well for a cycling only gear bag.  All the little pockets and compartment are great for getting organized and finding stuff quickly.

This bag retails for $199.99.  As part of full disclose, my cycling team is sponsored by Rudy Project, and I received a discount on this item.  However, all opinions and thoughts are my own 😀

My little old bag!  I wish I took a photo of it overstuff full of all my gear!  Still a great bag, I'll probably clean it up and find some sort of use for it!
My little old bag! I wish I took a photo of it overstuff full of all my gear! Still a great bag, I’ll probably clean it up and find some sort of use for it!

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