2016 Resolutions

I’ve never been a New Year resolution type of person.  But I’ve decided to throw together a list a random bike and maybe not so bike related goals for the year.

1 – Save for Iceland!

There are no words... (Photo by Joey Shuster)
There are no words… (Photo by Joey Schusler)

I have become completely obsessed with the idea of going to Iceland and mountain biking.  I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland, but after completing some research on the biking options, I MUST GO!  The landscape is just out of this world!  My goal is for the summer of 2017, which gives me about 1.5 years to save up money for airfare and the two tours I want to go on.  I’ve had a passport for years but have never been out of the US (minus going to a Mexican border town pre-9/11 when you could just cross freely), so it’s about time I start making memories and using that darn thing!

2 – Shred the gnar gnar

Sammie says, “What?!”

At my team night I purchased a 2016 Specialized Rhyme Comp Carbon… yes, a 650b tire bike with squishy suspension and a dropper post.  Definitely NOT the highly-efficient stiff 29er XC bike I’m use to riding!  Though I am waiting until February for it to arrive, I already have big hopes and plans!  This bike will come to Iceland with me, and I look forward to strengthening my descending and technical skills.  I’m also playing around with the thought of racing enduro at the US MTB Championships in July since I’ll already be there and it comes after the XC races.

3 – Racing is racing, and you get what you put into it, but it’s also a lot of fun

CycloX Valmont (Photo by Shawn Curry)
CycloX Valmont (Photo by Shawn Curry)

I admit, I’m bit bit burnt out and overwhelmed about another race season coming up.  My big A race is XC nationals, and then getting the official pro license upgrade.  But I’m also excited to ride in new places and go fast and get out of breath.  I gotta remind myself that racing needs to be fun.  I did an okay job of acknowledging that during my 2015 cyclocross season, and scaled back the racing and pulled the plug early when mentally and physically I was not happy.  So I’m vowing to myself to not let the stress get to me and to remember the fun and thrill of racing, whether I’m in first or last or just lost in the trees.  I’ve told myself to give it a good go in 2016, and in 2017 I’ll try to step back and explore more and maybe try some new stuff.

4- Take care of myself
My health hasn’t exactly been great this fall and winter thus far.  I’ve had more X-rays than I’ve cared to have and have been in more doctor offices and urgent care/ER settings than I ever want to be.  I’m trying to figure some stuff out, and fighting off new things that are popping up.  Just today I was diagnosed with severe tendinitis in my right wrist, and was started on steroids and placed in a splint.  This is on top of my bunionettes flaring up (Merry Christmas to me!) and kidney infection in the last week and a half.  My body is tired and worn out.  I should’ve rode today but instead I napped and nursed the wrist, because frankly I don’t planning on resting it to the point of not riding, so I’m hoping it’ll be good for a few days of riding this week.  But my body is telling me it’s not happy, and I should listen to it more often!

5 – Have adventures
This year I want to go back to Moab and ride lots of stuff.  My team’s training camp is in Fruita and I look forward to exploring some new trails.  There’s Lake Pueblo for some winter time blues escapage.  Dammit, maybe finally go camping that I’ve been talking about the past few summers, maybe finally climb a 14er?  Ride my squishy bike at Glendo.  I just want to explore, which is also good training (at least I think so).  I have some big blocks of time off where I hope I can make this happen!


I think that’s all I can come up with for now… I’m not particularly great at these things!  But I already did start an Iceland savings account, and hopefully my new bike will arrive in February, and adventures can begin with some big time off blocks!

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