BG FIT Aftermath – Initial thoughts

I’ve had the chance to ride my road bike two times since my BG FIT bike fitting last Wednesday.  In summary:

My right knee doesn’t hurt anymore!!!  (At least on the bike)

When I rode on Thursday I got a dull ache in my right knee around mile 8 which continued for my 13 mile ride.  I was a little discouraged, but the bike felt good.  My butt didn’t get achy like it sometimes does, and my new insoles felt comfy.  I managed to catch the only hour window with no rain, as well, so it was a nice overall afternoon ride.

This morning I decided to step up the mileage.  I originally was going to aim for 30-40 miles, but my wandering brain got the best of me and I only rode 21.8 miles.  Right around mile 9 I felt that dull ache in my right knee, but it disappeared.  I rode the rest of the time pain free.  I didn’t even realize my lack of knee pain until I got home.  Then I was giddy with the knowledge!

So, preliminarily, I would say my fitting was a success, at least with my road bike.  I haven’t ridden the mountain bike yet, but plan to tomorrow.  Only area of concern is some mild cramping I have been feeling in my calfs and thighs after I am off the bike.  I am not sure what it is really related to, but I suppose it could be related to the new positioning of my legs when I am on the bike.

Side news… I have ridden over 700 miles for the year (708 according to Strava).  I’ve decided I want to break 1,000 miles by December 31st.  Still got a ways to go, especially with the weather growing colder and sketchier, days shorter, and my work schedule interfering with life.  It is something I really want to accomplish, however!

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