Is it just me, or does my seat look realllllyyyy high?

Browns Landing/Headquarters Trail

It just might be my favorite bike photo ever, and I can’t say why!

But seriously, my seat (or saddle for bike snobs)… that just looks ridiculous.  Totally utterly a clown bike now… and I thought the 29″ wheels were bad!

I was a bit concerned when I headed out this morning.  I got on my bike in my kitchen, barefooted, and had several inches of air between my feet and floor.  Not good, not good, not good!  It’s not my road bike, I like to know that I can be able to touch the ground if needed on my mountain bike.  With a :/ expression I packed up and headed out for the day.

With shoes on it was better and I could get on it.  Kinda.  At least when it was flat.  More :/

Then my chain came off going up Meadow Trail on an incline.  Stopped and fixed that, and then couldn’t figure out how to get back on my bike.  Just too high.  More :/

I was feeling comfortable, though.  My knee didn’t hurt and I just merrily pedaled along.  OK, I got to thinking… maybe this isn’t so bad.  When I had to stop I could put my foot down.  It seems that the struggle is when I’m on an incline and stop, and then have to get going again.  I had to bail off the bike once because I couldn’t reach the ground with my foot and starting leaning the wrong way.  :/

So I’m unsure of my BG FIT fitting on my mountain bike.  Knee feels great, I love the more aggressive arm positioning, and I love that my legs can fully extend.  I don’t love that I can’t get back in the saddle on an incline and the fact my bike just looks silly with that seat/saddle up there in the outer atmosphere.  It might have to come down an inch… I just don’t think I am experienced enough to ride that high up in the sky, especially if I got onto something super technical (coughCurtGowdycough).

Ran into an issue with my shoes as well.  The insoles and shims do add a lot of bulk, which caused my toes to squish up and rub on the end of my shoe.  I’ve been wanting new MTB shoes for awhile now, so I guess this is my chance!  Definitely bringing the insoles when I go try some on.  I wanted to wait until spring for when my REI dividends came back, but it was a big annoyance on the bike today.

Beautiful fall day for riding!

It was beautiful riding weather today.  I just couldn’t find a rhythm in between my saddle and toes and chain coming off and my left grip getting all wonky and the big tear I experienced on my left palm.  Sigh.  And I struggled to lay down 8.2 miles, which I found strange.  I am not sure if it is the altitude or what.  Still a good ride, and I explored some new trails, but it pooped me out.

I thought only gymnastics caused rips… Ouchy ouch!

At least it was another 8 miles added to my goal of 1,000 for this year!  🙂  And I did get to test out my new fit.  And learned my shoes are dumb.

I think I’m going to be naughty tomorrow and head down to the Bicycle Station and look at Specialized MTB shoes.  No waiting for REI dividends for me!!  Retail therapy is good, anyway…

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