Gear Review: Specialized Women’s Body Geometry Deflect Gloves

Gotta love October in Wyoming…

Like it or not, winter weather is upon us in southeastern Wyoming.  I’m not the biggest fan, and definitely sad that my riding days are limited, along with warm temperatures and daylight hours.  Today I got the crazy idea to jump on the road bike, ignoring the whole 48-degrees and 15mph winds thing, and it was a great opportunity to finally use my Specialized Women’s Body Geometry Deflect cold weather cycling gloves.

My Specialized Women’s Body Geometry Deflect gloves

The details according to Specialized:  Change your music or make that critical phone call (NOT while riding of course!) without taking off your gloves—WireTap technology makes these gloves touchscreen-friendly.  Sized specifically for women, the Body Geometry Deflect gloves offers great breathability and comfortable protection for temps down to 45°F/7°C.

  • Touch screen compatible
  • Proportional sizing for women’s palm width and finger length.
  • Upper uses a wind/water-resistant membrane with a warm fleece inner to keep hands toasty and dry
  • Body Geometry pad reduces hand numbness by relieving pressure on the sensitive ulnar nerve
  • Brushed microfiber thumb brushes away sweat, plus it’s windproof for added protection
  • Hydrophobic Ax suede fit palm to increase stretch, comfort and water resistant
  • Slip-on cuff has extra length for warmer wrists
  • High visibility black reflective graphics keeps you safe at night, while stylish in the day

Retail Price:  $40

What I think:  Wow, I’m super impressed!  First off, I fit into a Large, which is a miracle because usually women’s full fingered gloves do not fit me because I have creepily long fingers.  My fingers and hands are comfortable in the gloves, and while gripping the handbars my fingers are not crushed up into the fingertips.  It is nice to see that I have a glove manufacturer option now for long fingered gloves in a women’s style that fits both the palm and fingers.

It was about 48 degrees when I rode, but count in the windchill and factor in my speed on the bike, and it was definitely “feeling” like 40 degrees or lower.  My fingers and hands never felt cold, in fact they were the warmest part of me, and perhaps the only warm part of me when I rode.  I liked how the cuff extended past my wrist to help protect that area from the wind and cold, as most cycling gloves end right at the wrist.

The microwipe is made out of a soft microfiber that almost feels like a suede.  It is generous in size.  However… it isn’t very absorbent.  My nose runs anytime I’m on a bike, and it’s even worse in cold temperatures, so “snot wipers” are a big feature I look for in gloves.  While I had plenty of wiping area, the snot would sit on the surface and semi-freeze there (sorry if I just grossed you out, LOL!).  This is about my only big complaint, and really it was not that big of a deal, I just had to space out my wipings so I didn’t end up smearing old snot on my nose.

I rode only 17 miles due to the wind discouraging me, but the entire time my hands felt comfortable.  I experienced no pain or numbness while on both the brake hoods and in the drops.  I must admit, I rarely have these issues while on my road bike, which I credit to a good fit.  The suede palm was nice and grippy.  I did not try out the WireTap feature, as I didn’t have a reason to use my phone.

When I removed my gloves at home I did notice that they were really wet inside.  I did not notice this while wearing them.  I didn’t think my hands sweated that much???  Definitely weird, and maybe it does have something to do with the fact they are not vented like typical cycling gloves since they gotta be warm!

Overall, I am very happy that I purchased these gloves!  I think they will be my go-to cold weather gloves.  They were nice and toasty on today’s ride, and were amazingly comfortable.  It didn’t even feel like I had bulkier gloves on!  I will be using these with my mountain bike as well.  I don’t really foresee myself riding in temperatures colder than today on a regular basis, so I am confident that these gloves will cover my cold weather needs!

Disclaimer: I purchased this item at full retail price for my own personal use.  All comments and opinions are my own and I was in no way compensated for the review.

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