Birthday Weekend & Moab!

Slacking a bit on updating about our trip to Moab for my birthday weekend over a week ago, but here it goes!  School and work have been crazy, so I spent the week back working 4, 12-hour shifts in a row and writing/cramming in two papers.  Slacking on some homework today so I can get this updated, before heading up for two more 12’s in a row.  Life of a nurse, eh?  (I love my job, I honestly do.  The traveling to work does get to me along with being away from home, as I feel my days at home are just spent running errands and running around like a chicken with no head.)
So yes, MOAB!!!  Matt and I wanted to go somewhere for my birthday (October 15th), as he managed 3 days off from work.  I was assuming we’d go back to Steamboat like we did last year, but he wanted to do something different.  Matt suggested Moab, and since I absolutely love the desert, it was really a no brainer!  Leave early on Saturday morning, come home Monday afternoon.  Mountain biking in the desert for my 29th birthday = beyond awesome.

Arches National Park at night = LOVE (Photo by Matt Galantuomini)

This post is really just going to be a bunch of photos, as I don’t think a wordy, blow by blow description of the trip is needed!  After driving through the snow in Colorado, and playing at Doc Holliday’s grave in Glenwood Springs, we got into Moab about 3pm.  We immediately jumped on our bikes and rode 21 miles on the Moab Canyon Bike Path (even got in a little bit of singletrack as the sun was setting!).  Kicked it at Poison Spider Bicycles before heading out to dinner, where I wore my MTB shoes because they’re comfy.  Saturday was filled with riding at the MOAB Brands trails, where I managed to crack open my elbow and learned slick rock is only fun for about 2 minutes, then it gets annoying.  Arches National Park was later that night, and we watched the sun set at Delicate Arch.  I hiked 3 miles wearing Dansko clogs, because I’m a badass.  (Some guy told me “nice boots,” and I don’t know if he was mocking my hiking footwear choice, or if he really thought they were hiking boots…) Monday was recovery day, more time at Arches NP, and then the long drive home.  I was thoroughly sad to leave the desert 😦

What I do want to say is Moab is awesome if you ride a bike.  The streets are filled with cyclists, usually of the dirty kind (aka mountain bikers).  Every other car has at least a bike attached to it.  There’s big bike lanes, bike paths, and nobody, and I mean NOBODY, gives second thought to someone wearing spandex to dinner or at the grocery store.  I was just in love with the town.

Glenwood Springs, CO.
Doc Holliday’s gravestone.
Driving into Moab… have I talked about my love for the desert? Seriously, so beautiful!!


Colorado River during our 21 mile “we’re being roadies on dirties” ride


Oh hi! I think I mastered the “take a photo while pedaling” shot 🙂
Moab Canyon Paved Path


Moab is actually only 8 miles away 😉
Moab Fault in the background… such a gorgeous place to enjoy my favorite thing to do – mountain biking!


Trails, trails everywhere! Heck, you don’t even need a car to get to the trails, if you don’t mind the 600 feet in elevation gain in 4 miles
Bike maintenance in a La Quinta Hotel… I’m sure they just love when people do this! (Photo by Matt Galantuomini)


His & hers ready for a Sunday filled of riding!
North 40 Trail in MOAB Brands… now this is what I call mountain biking!


*Sad face* Caught my front tire in some loose red dirt and went flying onto some sandstone. My elbow swelled up about an inch. Tip of the bone still hurts to this very day, I think I might’ve chipped something but I’m too lazy to go get an x-ray. I’m more than happy I now will have a scar from Moab!  I also got the pleasure of walking into City Market all covered in blood to buy some wound wash and bandaids.  ‘Cuz I’m cool like that.


Circle-O… all slickrock. Fun for about two minutes then I hated it, and it’s about 2.7 miles long. Elbow didn’t appreciate it either.


That brown line is the trail, and the magical line that will make all your wishes come true! (Photo by Matt Galantuomini)
Balanced Rock in Arches National Park.
See, they like bikes here!
Delicate Arch at sunset
Fiery Furnace in Arches National Park… oh, and Matt
Fiery Furnace again
Skyline Arch in Arches National Park


Matt is going to hate me for posting this… but I love this cheese-tastic photo! See, he’s holding up Skyline Arch! See?! LOL


Leaving Moab 😦

Whew, I think that’s good on the photos.  🙂  More Moab trips will definitely occur in the future, and with both the road and mountain bikes.  Part of me wants to do the Skinny Tire Festival in March, but I am not sure how it will work into the schedule.

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