My first race of the 2013 season, the Frostbite TT, is less than 2 weeks away.  Where’s my give a damn?  Apparently missing…


The winter, the wind, the cold… it’s all getting on my last nerve.  It’s made me lazy, and now on my days off I just sit on the couch instead of hitting the bike in some form.  And it does have me worried with the first race approaching, but I justify that with the fact it is a time trial on pavement, and that means I’m not a fan.

I’m a crappy roadie.  I’m just not fast on the road.  This fact is clearly evident when I actually have to ride with other roadies.  I haven’t been on a group ride since my humbling experience being dropped like a hot potato on a ride in Colorado in November by a bunch of “cat-way-faster-than-I’ll-ever-be” awesome riders, which was only slightly redeemed by Georgia Gould also dropping me like a bad habit.  I know that experience led to my strong aversion of group riding… I put them on my calendar, I swear I’ll make them, and then I find every excuse not to go (most common current one is the wind, haha).  So this all culminates in me not really caring about the Frostbite TT, but ironically I do care.  Otherwise why did I buy a Shiv and register for the race, right?

I haven’t been seeing enough of this lately….

I’ve done a few pre-rides of the course, laying down a best time that would’ve placed me 6 out of 20 in last year’s race.  I know, a poor way of judging how I’ll do this year… but… semi-inspiring.  I really want a top 10 finish at least, that’s my goal.  With only 3 of us registered so far, I’m now worried if I should do my mountain bike fall back of dead last as a goal.  Because I’m just not fast on the road… at least it’s a time trial so there’s no dropping per say, just passing!

All I want to do is mountain bike, dammit!

My 2013 Specialized Epic Expert Carbon 29… finally home!

I finally brought home my Epic over a week ago, and was lucky enough to hear that the trails at Curt Gowdy were “dry.”  So they weren’t really, but Matt and I did get in a lap of Stone Temple Circuit before playing around in the skills area.  Sadly a lot of people don’t want to walk/bike over snow drifts, so they’ve taken to making new trails around the snow.  Ugh – no bueno!  It’ll be interesting (and sad) to see the final damage in the spring when all the snow melts.  Riding through the snow was definitely interesting, though XC race tires aren’t exactly the best.  I gummed up my pedals and cleats badly, too, which lead to lots of spills standing still because I couldn’t unclip.

Coming through a snowy patch on Stone Temple Circuit


Gowdy in February… even with the snow, it was awesome!
Matt being the rockstar that he is on a bike!

It’s just so exciting to finally have the Epic at home and at my hands to ride anytime I want!  I’m very eager for everything to just dry out so I can spend my days mountain biking and training for that kind of racing.  My first MTB race is April 13th in Fruita, CO, and I’m quite excited for it!  Don’t get me wrong, I love road riding for the fitness it gives me, but there just nothing comparable to being off the road on a mountain bike!


1 thought on “Slacking…”

  1. ugh, winter. The natural instinct to just hoard all our fat and be lazy has settled in. I don’t have another race until APRIL and I became insta-lazy as soon as the krispy kreme race was over!! We need to get our sheet togetha!!


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