I Am: TrainerRoad Brand Ambassador!!!

Anybody whose done some reading of my long-winded “training is so awesome” blog posts the past few months has seen my love of TrainerRoad and how I think it’s almost as awesome as deciding to start training in general!  Well, my love of the site/program has lead me to be chosen as a TrainerRoad Brand Ambassador!

How freakin’ awesome?!

Now I get to spread my obsessive love of TrainerRoad in an official capacity, mahahah 🙂  What’s even better is I have a whole load of promo codes to give out to those interested.  They’re good for $10 off… and since TrainerRoad is $10/month, that means a free month to try it out and see how it changes your training, or gives you a taste of power numbers, or just keeps you on your path!  If interested in a promo code, please reply in the comments with your contact info so I can send you a code!   (As of the end of March I am out of free promo codes.  Sorry everyone!)

Another awesome perk I am discovering from being a TrainerRoad Brand Ambassador is getting to connect with my fellow Ambassadors and follow their lives.  A good majority of them are triathletes, and reading their blogs and race reports are both inspiring and putting bad ideas in my head!  Good thing I have that whole fear of open water thing going on… but I digress 🙂  I’ve added a few links to their blogs over on the right side under my blogroll!

And how’s my Phase 2 training going?  Horrible, but that’s for another post for another day…

8 thoughts on “I Am: TrainerRoad Brand Ambassador!!!”

  1. Nice blog! Love TrainerRoad! Tour of Sufferlandria was great; made all the better by being able to see what’s really happening via TrainerRoad. I’ve been trying to get a friend to give it a go. Would love a promo code so he can get hooked as well. 🙂


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