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Ode to ye old Motodivas

In October 2012 I decided to step up to “big girl” mountain bike shoes from my Pearl Izumi hiking shoe styled ones.  A quick look around my local bike shop left me leaving with a pair of Specialized Motodiva shoes, and I quickly fell in love.  I wore them on the bike, I wore them to dinner, I wore them to the store, I played hacky sack in them.  They became one of my most comfortable pairs of shoes, and I was never in a hurry to take them off after a ride.

Through mud, dirt, dust, stagnant swamp water, snow, rain, cow poop, cactus, and rocks they went.  I ripped a chunk of the upper off the right toe.  I smashed the left toe against a rock at 20mph.  A week of Midwest/Eastern humidity let the perma-stink set in.  Cross season left the black shoes a familiar color of brown.  And yesterday I finally did them in… the ratchet handle on the left shoe snapped off as I was tightening it for my gravel grinder ride.  I knew it was coming, but when it finally happened I was sad.  I could still yank the strap through the mechanism to tighten it down, which made me realize how stubborn I am about giving up these shoes.

The ’14 models of Motodivas now have a  BOA dial and come in black/pink, which tickles my heart.  My feet are two different girths, so ratchets are a bit different for me as one foot is loose and one is tight.  I could go with fancier (aka wimpier) carbon fiber shoes, but I like the fact I’ve put my current Motodivas through the wringer and they’ve survived quite well (and so have my toes after 20mph strikes).

So now a photo memorial to the shoes that have treated me oh so well!

Ready to ride yesterday after a week of snow snow snow
Cyclocross gave them a new paint job every weekend
Grass and dirty water just added to the mix!


The week the perma-stink set in thanks to humidity and nastiness
Sunbathing awaiting an awards ceremony


Enjoying a 60 degree day in January ’13
Brand spankin’ new!

And the debilitating injury to the ratchet…


So the good news?  Specialized sells replacement ratchet mechanisms for a fairly cheap price, so I can revive these shoes!  Still getting new ones, but at least I’ll have a back up pair 😀

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