Drink up, little flowers!


Flexibility.  The new way to describe my 2015 race season thus far!

I’m very detail oriented and a huge planner.  I like everything minutely figured out, usually months in advance in the case of bike races.  I like a schedule, and sticking to that schedule.

Ways 2015 is teaching me to just go with the flow:

  • I got into the Leadville 100 on my first try ever.  Goodbye Pierre’s Hole 50 race in Grand Targhee, goodbye considering the Steamboat Stinger, and goodbye for training just around cross country events and racing.
  • My “A” cross country race, the Nordic Valley ProXCT in Ogden, UT in May, was cancelled a month out.  Suddenly I was without the need to ever be in super fast XC race shape this year.  But I also felt relief of not having to be in super fast XC shape, surprisingly.  I quickly shrugged off negative feelings, and registered for a 60 mile gravel grinder up in Casper, the Rattlesnake Rally.  Lemons, lemonades, something to that effect.
  • I decided against Rumble at 18 Road for the first time in my very short XC racing “career” just a couple of weeks ago.  Which was an awesome decision as this crazy winter storm going on closed I-70 and the promoters postponed the race due to mud today (taking a hint from last year’s mudfest, apparently).  That all worked out in the best way possible.
  • I was all excited to give another road race a go after my surprisingly awesome results at last weekend’s Boulder Roubaix.  Naturally, Mother Nature this week has gone psycho, and the gravel portion of the Clasica de Rio Grande is unrideable (to most of roadie persuasion I’m guessing, I’d still try it 😛 ) so my race was canceled 24 hours out this morning.

Not so long ago, I’m pretty sure I’d be crying over all these changes to my race season and normal “routine.”  Now I just laugh. I feel like I’m doomed when it comes to racing a mountain bike this year, as the 10 day forecast is saying rain for next weekend’s Ridgeline Rampage.  HAHAHAHA.  Just laugh, Heidi, just laugh!  After all, it’s just racing bikes!

So I’m sitting here with a rare weekend to have this time of year:  no races.  I considered the Denver Fed Center crit, but decided to plan a long road ride with some teammates in Fort Collins.  If it ever stops raining.  This storm is just about the most bizarre storm I’ve seen… 6″ of snow in my lawn with heavy rain, thunder, and lightning going on in the present moment.  I’m literally confused when I look at the window and see rain with all the snow piled around.  However, I am LOVING this moisture… my lawn and berry garden really needed it, and naturally so does the mountains, reservoirs, etc.  Gowdy has been scary dry, so I’m hoping this helps calm down the dusty trails a bit!

But yes, rare weekend.  I’m almost lost at what to do… and of course unfortunately the weather puts a damper on just long fun rides until Sunday.  But it’s also refreshing knowing I can sleep in, get stuff around the house done, hang out, relax, and be off the roads, which are quite frightening right now (or closed).  Whew, this going with the flow and having the flexibility to adapt and change is nice.  I think I’ll stick with it 🙂

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