April Wrap Up

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 3.14.52 PM

Woohoo, big month!  Highest mile month since I’ve started riding, and my first time riding over 500 miles in a month!  Also my highest time and elevation gain month.  Go me!

Training continued to go alright, and I got in some big rides.  It’s the start of that in between season where the trainer can’t be put away quite yet, but I’m doing more outdoors, such as using certain mountain bike trails for interval repeats, which is actually pretty awesome!

I “only” raced twice, but it felt nice to not be racing a ton going into May, where I’m racing every weekend.  I had an insanely successful Boulder Roubaix that surprised me beyond belief when I placed 5th!  I also finished my first endurance mountain bike race, Ridgeline Rampage.  Definitely a mental challenge, but I pushed through and survived though I had some pretty bad back pain for 3 days following the race.

RME Ridgeline Rampage... getting a 50 mile mountain bike race under my belt!
RME Ridgeline Rampage… getting a 50 mile mountain bike race under my belt!

April training brings May races…

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